On UNESCO’s World Book Day, we remember the books that moved us, made us think, made us laugh, called us to action. Today, I would like to celebrate a favorite author by sharing her own words on the writing process. Click to hear Marta Maretich, Nigerian-born, American writer living in London whose nonfiction is widely published.

Marta was a contributor to Inspired Journeys: Travel Writers in Search of the Muse, selected by National Geographic as one of the ten best travel books for 2016. Her fiction includes the shimmering story of the Venetian Republic in its final flowering, The Merchants of Light. 

To the great benefit of people who struggle to read, Marta applied her considerable skills to the Gemma Open Door Series. The Possibility of Lions is among our most popular titles, and The Bear Suit, recently released, introduces new readers to the classics. How does an author of such sophistication write for adults and young adults with low-level reading skills?  With insight, and grace, and respect.