“Alice Carter has traveled a long road to get to where she is today. Morocco, that is. Carter, 87, is the oldest current volunteer in the Peace Corps. She says she’s been interested in the world for a long time.”

That is how the NPR interview with our friend and inspiration Alice Carter begins. While other people may prefer to put their feet up in old age, Alice is committed to teaching and expanding her world as well ours. She has just completed her first full year of service. You can see from the look on her face, bathed in Sahara sunlight, on her 87th birthday this month, she’s at home. Alice is a woman who is always at home wherever she is, and with whoever she meets. Curiosity—a curiosity supported by written and spoken words in several languages—keeps her younger than many of us will ever be.

Read the article and hear Alice talk with NPR’s Rachel Martin hereAlice.

Go Alice! And come back soon.