hatMarch is the month, it always comes yearly,
When books are the TOPS, well, almost nearly.

It’s a birthday, you see, same’s the one made for me,
Of the author who taught us to love A, B, C.

Dr. Seuss he was called, ‘cause that was his name.
Dr. Seuss is recalled, because of his fame.

With Horton and Who and Lorax and Fox
And Cats in their Hats, and don’t forget Knox,

Yertle the Turtle and, my favorite, Grinch,
Reading was fun, and soon was a cinch!

Bartholomew Cubbins and twelve hats to spare,
Ziggy and Zizzy, the Zozzfozzel pair,

Sneeches, The Zax and a Gack and a Yink
All helped us to read, and maybe to think.

Dr. Seuss had a knack with the simplest truth.
Applies to all creatures, from old age to youth:

“You can find magic wherever you look.
Sit back & relax. All you need is a book.”

Celebrate the Great Seuss!