GemmaMedia occasionally accepts unsolicited projects for publication.

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment, we are looking for stories in our

Gemma Open Door series for adult and young adult literacy.

To join a growing roster of books by best-selling authors and emerging voices, proposals should have these characteristics:

  • topics of relevance to adults and young adults improving their reading
  • 10,000 words or fewer
  • clearly identified narrative. Tell a story!
  • second- to fourth-grade reading level (We can help.)
  • short sentences and frequent chapter breaks
If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration, please follow the guidelines below and send an email inquiry to:

 Checklist for submission:
• Working title and an alternative
• One paragraph synopsis of your work—more is good, less is better
• Estimated length and delivery date
• Audience
• Table of contents
• Sample chapter
• Your biography, briefly, please
• Marketing opportunities you can provide.
• Please do not send complete manuscripts.
• You can anticipate several weeks before a response. Please have patience.


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