Paul Reidinger

A Gemma Open Door book
As death carries off a longtime citizen of a pagan city, her politically ambitious son sees the eulogy as a chance to make a splash. A funeral becomes a party, a son inherits a home, at least one iron lady is in the house, and they need more burger patties down at the Weber kettle. Each mourner makes the acquaintance of a figure — strange yet thrillingly familiar, impeccably dressed and ever so slightly flirtatious — whose queries and musings stir the pot of memory and revelation.
Paul Reidinger is the author of several novels, including The Best Man, Good Boys, The City Kid, and The Bad American, as well as a memoir, Lions in the Garden, and Patchwork, a collection of essays and criticism. He grew up in Wisconsin, was educated at Stanford and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in San Francisco.
The Varieties of Erotic Experience
Paul Reidinger
Paper, 100 pages
Reading level: 5.0