David Elliott

A Gemma Open Door book
“A fierce roar of a book, The Tiger’s Back is what haunts us—be it love, or loss, or a tiger, ‘all ember and ash,’ standing in the roses—Elliot has conjured a puckish elegy to what’s real and what’s illusion in this life.”
― William Lychack, The Architect of Flowers and The Wasp Eater

What do you do when Fate shows up in your rose bed with three-inch canines and retractable claws? Robert―not Bob!―Stevenson wakes up one morning in his Vermont home to find a Bengal tiger sitting in his rose garden. Is the tiger real? Or has the illness that has invaded every other part of Robert’s body finally and quite literally gone to his head?
Remember, once you get on a tiger’s back, there is no dismounting.
David Elliott is a New York Times best-selling author of books for young people including In the Wild, On the Farm, and Finn Throws a Fit! His most recent novel, Jeremy Cabbage, is currently in development at Fox 2000. David teaches writing at Colby-Sawyer College and Lesley University’s MFA Program in Creative Writing. David lives in New Hampshire.
The Tiger’s Back
David Elliott
paper, 100 pages
Reading level: 3.3