Brian Bouldrey

A Gemma Open Door book
“Brian Bouldrey is master of a lightheartedness framed in funereal black. He shows us a world recognizably our own yet strange beyond our wildest imaginings.”
-Paul Reidinger, author, Lions in the Garden and The City Kid
  “One of America’s great living wits tells the truth about our beloved fairy tales – that they were written by a meth addict, as we always suspected. His hero, Walace, charms and amuses as he terrifies.”
-John Beckman, author, The Winter Zoo

A story of a faded fantasy writer, his drug troubles, failed love life and a quest ‎for redemption‎.
Walace Weiss, a once‎-‎famous fantasy novelist, now troubled by drug addiction, sets ‎himself on a final two‎-‎fold quest‎: ‎to finish his first novel in over a decade, and, like the ‎immortal elves of his stories, to try and remember what, in his long life, he should not‎ have forgotten‎.‎
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Brian Bouldrey is the author of three novels, ‎The Genius of Desire‎, ‎Love, the ‎Magician‎ and ‎The Boom Economy‎; the nonfiction books ‎Honorable Bandit‎: ‎A Walk ‎Across Corsica‎, ‎Monster‎: ‎Adventures in‎ ‎American Machismo‎, and ‎The Autobiography ‎Box‎; and editor of several anthologies‎. ‎He is recipient of Fellowships from Yaddo and‎ Eastern Frontier Society, and the Joseph Henry Jackson Award from the San ‎Francisco Foundation, a Lambda Literary Award, and the Western Regional ‎Magazine Award‎. ‎Brian teaches writing at Northwestern University.
The Sorrow of the Elves
Brian Bouldrey
Paper, 90 pages
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