by Joseph O’Connorcomedian

A Gemma Open Door book

From a prolific Irish author with insight into modern male behavior, a story of childhood that is both funny and sad
It is 1975 in a small town near Dublin. Starsky and Hutch rule the television screen, and, in Northern Ireland, bombs are going off. It is a heady time for a boy whose life is about to change. His father is – by day – a delivery man for a bakery. Da’s dream, however, is to be a comedian, a stage performer, a star. Who can predict what will happen to this simple family when fame knocks at the door?‎

Joseph O’Connor’s first novel, Cowboys and Indians, was shortlisted for The Whitbread Prize. This was followed by a volume of short stories, True Believers, and several novels, including Desperadoes, The Salesman, Inishowen, Star of the Sea (published in 26 languages and winner of the Prix Littéraire Européan (for European Novel of the Year), and Redemption Falls.  His latest work is The Thrill of it All.


 The Comedian

Joseph O’Connor
Paper, 100 pages
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