Maeve Binchybuilders

A Gemma Open Door book
Nan Ryan lives by herself at 14 Chestnut Road. When builders arrive to fix a deserted house next door, everyone expects the worst. But when the handsome workman looks to Nan to help unravel the mystery of the previous residents’ disappearance, a strange relationship develops. With family dynamics and crooked developers in the wings, things are about to get very messy…
Here is original short fiction by a beloved best-selling author on her best topic – relationships.
Maeve Binchy remains one of the most popular Irish novelists of the 20th Century. Her books have put her name on the top 10 of New York Times’ Bestseller List as well as the top 10 of Britain’s most popular writers. Considered a classic Irish storyteller, Binchy’s novels tackle issues such as parent-child relationships and the illusion of love. Maeve Binchy was born in Dublin and raised in Dalkey. She died in 2012.
The Builders
Maeve Binchy
Paper, 100 pages
978-1-934848-16-6[p] 978-1-934848-98-2[e]