Patricia Scanlan

A Gemma Open Door book
Tony O’Neill is not having a good day. He is unemployed and broke, with a wife and child to support. Even worse, he’s living with his snobbish mother-in-law. They don’t get along.
Bridie Feeney is mad. She’s just had a fight with her son-in-law and daughter. Bitter words have been spoken. But she is not going to apologize.
Dave Cummins needs a fix…bad. It’s the worst day of his life. He knows he’s going to do something he swore he’d never do.
Sarah Collins is looking forward to a day in town. She’s been planning for ages … then the unthinkable happens.
It’s a day none of them will ever forget. But for two, it’s the day they get a second chance.
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Patricia Scanlan is the author of Forgive and Forget, Happy Ever After, and Love and Marriage, all international bestsellers. Her books have sold worldwide and have been translated into many languages. Patricia is the series editor and a contributing author to the Open Door series. She also teaches creative writing and is deeply involved in adult literacy programs. She lives in Dublin.
Second Chance
Patricia Scanlan
Paper, 96 pages
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