Patricia Scanlan

A Gemma Open Door book
The McHughs’ marriage is on the rocks. Daughter Ciara worries that her mother and father are going to divorce.
Lillian, Ciara’s grandmother, is worried too. Since her bullying husband died, she has begun to enjoy a nice life of her own making. What if her son leaves his wife and comes ‘home?’
“The other woman,” Brenda Johnston, is very happy. She has everything to gain if the McHughs divorce. Or does she?
Meanwhile, Mike and Kathy Stuart, the McHughs’ best friends, are beginning to wonder if the friendship can survive their divorce.
Then, one terrible night, everything changes . . .
Patricia Scanlan is the Series Editor and contributing author to the Open Door series. She teaches creative writing and is involved in adult literacy programs in Dublin and throughout Ireland.
Patricia Scanlan
Paper, 92 pages
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