Anne Schulman

A Gemma Open Door book
Meany Freeney is a bachelor farmer with simple needs and a healthy bank balance. His approach to life mirrors his drinking habits – why buy a pint of Guinness when a half-pint, sipped slowly, gives twice the value?
Trouble brews when an old flame arrives back in town. Her sparkle lights up his lonely world, but if he and the free-spending Julie are ever to marry, Meany must loosen his iron grip on the purse strings. Soon there is talk of fancy central heating, hot running water and even a gas cooker! But Meany has some cost-saving plans up his sleeve that should keep everyone happy.
Or so he thinks…
Anne Schulman is a biographer and novelist. Her best-selling novels include Intrigue, Encounters, Puzzle Twins, Chapter & Hearse and Broken Biscuits Don’t Count. She lives in Dublin.
Pipe Dreams
Anne Schulman
Paper, 88 pages
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