Peter Sheridan

A Gemma Open Door book
The city is Dublin, the year is 1972.
Redser and Pancho are two teenagers from the North Wall. Redser is top of the class, especially good at math. Pancho’s knack is finding money, not adding or subtracting it. Redser’s parents run the local credit union. Pancho’s dad runs riot in the city pubs on pay day. The boys’ worlds could not be further apart. Yet they are the best of friends.
One day, on his regular paper round, Redser stumbles upon the aftermath of a crime. Two elderly sisters, ‘the East Wall witches’, have been burgled. But the robbers haven’t taken all the money.
Redser and Pancho are about to face the biggest challenge of their lives.

Peter Sheridan
is a writer, theatre director, playwright, screenwriter and film director. He was one of the founder members of Project Arts Centre. He has worked with Charabanc Theatre Company and the Royal Court Theatre where he directed his own plays, The Liberty Suit and Emigrants. Sheridan directed “The Balcony Belles,” an award-winning documentary for Temple Films, and in 1998 he wrote and directed “The Breakfast,” a short film which won the Prix Arte Europe Award at the Brest International Film Festival. In 2000 he wrote and directed the film “Borstal Boy,” based upon Brendan Behan’s memoir. He is the author of 44 – A Dublin Memoir and Forty-Seven Roses.
Old Money, New Money
Peter Sheridan
Paper, 84 pages
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