by Rebecca D. Elswickno-stop-her

A Gemma Open Door book

Growing up without a mother is hard. Worse is having a stepmother who controls Dad. 
Brittany Myerson is so ready for high school to end. She knows that life is going to get a whole lot better when she gets her driver’s license, the car she’s always wanted, and a ticket to college away from home. But Lynn, her new stepmother, has decided what’s good enough for Brittany: a beat-up, mustard-colored piece of junk and enrollment in the local community college. Brittany thinks it can’t get much worse until she learns that her father has changed his will leaving everything to Lynn. Suddenly, Brittany’s father dies and the police suspect…murder. 

Rebecca D. Elswick is the daughter and granddaughter of coal miners who lives in southwestern Virginia. She is the director of the Writing Center at the Appalachian School of Law and a consultant for the Appalachian Writing Project at the University of Virginia’s college at Wise. Rebecca’s work has appeared in many journals and anthologies, including A Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers II, Drafthorse, The Notebook, and Broken Petals. Her short fiction has won many awards, including first place in the Sherwood Anderson Short Story Contest, and she was a finalist for the New Southerner Literary Contest. Publishers Weekly praised her debut novel, Mama’s Shoes, as “an intricate and beautiful landscape…a well-tuned and complex work.” Rebecca is at work on a new novel, Truth in Dreams

No Stopping Her
Rebecca D. Elswick
Paper, 100 pages
Reading level: 4.7