Sheila O’Flanagan

A Gemma Open Door book
Maggie is forty-three years old and looking for romance. She loves her husband, Dan, but his idea of romance is a couple of drinks at the local bar and an early night at home. Her children think she’s too old to care. She’s beginning to wonder if life has passed her by.
But a chance meeting changes all that, and now Maggie faces tough decisions.
Can she put the spark back into her marriage, or would she be better off calling it quits?
Who is most important to her? Her husband? Her children? Herself?
Sheila O’Flanagan lives in Dublin. Her first book, Dreaming of a Stranger was followed by a stream of bestselling novels in the UK and Ireland. Several have been published in the US, including Too Good to Be True. Of He’s Got to Go, Publisher’s Weekly wrote, “O’Flanagan manages to keep wisdom and humor at the forefront and tosses in nice touches.”
Maggie’s Story
Sheila O’Flanagan
Paper, 104 pages
Reading level: 3.1