Margaret Neylon

A Gemma Open Door book
Each of has a very personal set of numbers that influence our lives. Based on our date of birth, our age and our name, theses special numbers are guides, blue-prints to our life path. The study of these numbers is numerology.
It All Adds Up shows us how to work out these unique numbers, using nothing more than simple addition. Use numerology to find out the best dates to start a new venture, when to ask for a pay raise, or when to quit!
Just for fun, It All Adds Up also looks at the special numbers of famous people – from Oprah to Princess Diana to Tina Turner.
Easy to follow, It All Adds Up puts the kick back into numbers!
Margaret Neylon has been involved in the holistic field for many years and has written several books since the publication of her first book, Pathways. She teaches numerology and related matters in venues all over Ireland. Margaret lives in Virginia, Co. Cavan.
It All Adds Up
Margaret Neylon
Paper, 116 pages
Reading level: 5.4