Deidre Purcell

A Gemma Open Door book
A family drama between rival daughters that reveals a mother’s passion.
Larry is an 87-year-old widow. Old and frail, she remembers her youth as if it were yesterday and longs for her past vigor. Larry lives with her daughters.
Martha, the “good” daughter, waits on her mother’s every whim. Mary has a career, takes exotic vacations and is mother’s favorite, though she never lifts a finger to help. Something has to give. One embarrassing evening, Father Jimmy comes to supper, and pent up feelings emerge. High drama follows, and Larry is nowhere to be found…
Deirdre Purcell has published nine critically acclaimed novels since 1990. Love Like Hate Adore was shortlisted for the prestigious Orange prize and her bestselling Falling for a Dancer was filmed for RTÉ and the BBC. Journalist, novelist, raised in Dublin she now lives in Meath.
Has Anyone Here Seen Larry?
Deidre Purcell
Paper, 100 pages
Reading level: 3.5