Patricia Scanlanfair-weather

A Gemma Open Door book
A story of false friendship and following one’s heart
Melissa and Sophie have been friends all of their lives. Or that’s what Sophie likes to think.
Sophie is a giver; Melissa is a taker. Their friendship is put to the test on vacation in Spain. When the gorgeous Paulo appears on the scene, Melissa drops Sophie like a hot potato. Hurt and furious, Sophie thinks the trip is a disaster.
But things change for Sophie when she lends a little help to an old man and a small girl. Melissa can only watch in a jealous rage as her quiet friend finally comes into her own.

Patricia Scanlan is the Series Editor and contributing author to the Open Door series. Her previous bestsellers include: City Girl, Finishing Touches, and Two for Joy. She teaches creative writing and is involved in adult literacy programs in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Her previous Open Door books were Ripples and Second Chance (Gemma, 2009)

Fair-Weather Friend
Patricia Scanlan
Paper, 80 pages
Reading level: 3.7