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A global thriller with a plot straight out of international headlines…from a newspaper man with history and politics in his veins
“Ray O’Hanlon has given us a marvelous novel, with a layered, hard-driving narrative, vivid characters, abiding mysteries, and the past that has not passed. This is wonderful work.”
—Pete Hamill, bestselling author of Forever and North River
“Everything a good thriller could want – duplicitous politicians and secretive priests, a body dangling under Blackfriars Bridge, and a canny reporter who thinks he has seen it all, but hasn’t. A splendid page-turner.”
 — Benjamin Black, New York Times bestselling author of Christine Falls and Elegy for April

Nick Bailey considers himself a hardboiled reporter for London’s hungriest tabloid. But even Bailey is left reaching for answers when he gets a midnight assignment to investigate a body hanging from the infamous Blackfriars Bridge. Someone, it seems, is killing priests, and a mystery that will serve up much more than headlines is the latest twist in a deadly conspiracy, one centuries in the making, a plot that will reach all the way to the South Lawn of the White House.
In this tale of intrigue and bitter religious rivalry, Ray O’Hanlon sets a conflict that has simmered for four hundred years on a collision course with an American President and a British Prime Minister who are battling a present day crisis that threatens global peace. Both are confronting an uncertain future. But it’s what is coming at them from the distant past that poses the greatest danger, a threat to their very lives.
“O’Hanlon nimbly dips between the storylines to keep the reader focused on adding up the clues. Better yet, he accomplishes this in prose clear as glass, drawing the reader in from the first page on a narrative course that never flags. The South Lawn Plot is an altogether more thought provoking book than most of its genre. Pulse pounding for sure, but also introspective and delighting in its brilliantly assembled plot twists. Most thrillers can entertain, but O’Hanlon’s has the added power to surprise and unsettle.” —The Irish Voice

Ray O’Hanlon
is editor of The Irish Echo, America’s most widely read Irish American newspaper, based in New York. Over the course of a distinguished newspaper career spanning more than thirty years, he has reported from three continents and has appeared on “CBS’ 60 Minutes,” “ABC World New Tonight” and “PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.” In addition to his work as a reporter and editor, O’Hanlon is a frequent contributor to media reporting on Ireland, Irish American affairs and Anglo-Irish relations. His book, The New Irish Americans was the recipient of a Washington Irving Book Award.
A native of Dublin and a keen reader of American, Irish and British history, O’Hanlon lives with his wife Lisa and their three children in Ossining, New York.
The South Lawn Plot
Ray O’Hanlon
Cloth, 320 pages
978-1-934848-87-6 [p]
978-1-934848-84-5 [e]