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A look at the impact of changing demographics on the American psyche from a seasoned, outside observer
“Little has great insight into what makes Middle America tick.” —Irish Examiner

The United States is being transformed, as the Obama election proves. Mark Little follows millions of 21st-century pioneers to a new frontier in the West. In the sprawling new cities of the Sun Belt states, he chronicles the people and places which have turbo-charged…and redefined… the American dream. This new America will not be defined by political parties but is being shaped by the millions of immigrants due to arrive in coming years, the millions of Americans who are about to come of age, and the millions who have already followed their destiny to a sun-kissed frontier, somewhere out west. Here we find suburban communities larger than our biggest cities, called “galactic cities”, “edge cities,” “penturbia” and “urban galaxies.”
The New America is a story of hope, but it also reveals the dark side of an historic transformation and the economic crisis which threatens to engulf it. Little shows the vulnerability of the dream, in an age when “failure” may insert itself as an acceptable word in the American glossary. Finally, Little observes the role of the Moses generation (and the Frontier values that drove successive ages to new land and landscapes) in contrast to the Joshua generation, establishing Ritual as they settle the new Promised Land.
Mark Little was RTÉ’s first Washington Correspondent, covering two presidential elections, the Lewinsky scandal and Clinton’s involvement in the Irish peace process. Little became RTÉ’s Foreign Affairs Correspondent in 2001. He reported on the impact of the September 11 attacks from the United States, Israel, Egypt and Iran, and spent seven weeks in Northern Iraq reporting on the war. He was named Television Journalist of the Year for his reporting in Afghanistan. Little is the author of three books about the US and global affairs, Turn Left at Greenland, Zulu Time and The New America.
The New America: New Edition
Mark Little
Paper, 240 pages
Current Affairs
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