Eugene McEldowneyfaloorie-man

Rare and poignant coming of age novel set in North Belfast during the Troubles
“An affectionate chronicle, gently told” — Irish Times
In one of the most captivating stories of childhood yet to emerge from Northern Ireland, The Faloorie Man traces the early years of Martin McBride, a young Catholic boy growing up on the streets of post-war Belfast. Stark, funny, at times heart-wrenching, Martin’s coming of age story is set against sectarian division. As he emerges from the cocoon of his family, he faces an uncertain world: the shocking discovery of the difference between boys and girls, the unprovoked fighting on the schoolyard, the torture of education, the doubtful pleasure of illicit sex, and the accidental discovery of a darkly hidden truth.
Eugene McEldowney is a former news editor with The Irish Times. His novels include Stella’s Story and the popular Cecil Megarry Mystery series. The Faloorie Man is the most autobiographical of all his books, and has been published in Britain, Germany and Greece. McEldowney was born in Belfast and lives in Dublin and Spain.
The Faloorie Man
Eugene McEldowney
Paper, 286 pages
Price: $15.95
978-1-934848-21-0 [p]
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