In the Footsteps of Twentieth-Century Artists

Virginie Raguenaud catalonia

An intimate view of the exquisite Catalan coast and the artists it inspired
“For those who visit this ancient kingdom, and those who can do so only in spirit, I heartily commend Virginie Raguenaud’s delightful book, which brings to life the inspiring spirit of Catalonia.”
—Count Nikolai Tolstoy, Patrick O’Brian: The Making of the Novelist
Step into lively Mediterranean villages of French and Spanish Catalonia as seen through the eyes of Matisse, Picasso, Dali´, Maillol, Chagall, O’Brian, and many legendary twentieth-century painters, sculptors, and writers. The Colors of Catalonia offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at how Catalonia’s landscape, culture, and people are linked to three major art movements—Fauvism, Cubism, and Surrealism—and countless literary careers. Extensive research, conducted in both French and English, reveals intimate and fascinating detail in the lives of artists and writers who found new ways to express themselves and the world around them. Through exhibition catalogs, diaries, memoirs, and personal letters between artists, their families, and their art dealers, this extraordinary guidebook brings to light the critical role this idyllic region played in the development of modern art.
The Colors of Catalonia is perfect for art lovers who want to leave the crowded museums of Paris and Barcelona, visitors looking for a splendid region to discover, and art students who want to be inspired.
The Colors of Catalonia fascinates with its stories of the artists who found their inspiration there, and it beautifully captures the essence of a region for a new generation of travelers.”
—Thomas Swick, A Way to See the World: From Texas to Transylvania with a Maverick Traveler
Virginie Raguenaud was born and raised in France. She spent her childhood summers in Collioure, French Catalonia, where her family has owned property for nearly half a century. At the age of twelve, she moved with her parents and two sisters from France to Westfield, New Jersey. Virginie relocated to Montreal to attend McGill University and then finished her bachelor’s degree at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow. She identifies herself as a global nomad, raising her own two girls to love travel and art as much as she does. Virginie’s first book, Bilingual By Choice: Raising Kids in Two (or More!) Languages, was published in 2009.
The Colors of Catalonia: In the Footsteps of Twentieth-Century Artists
Virginie Raguenaud
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