Stolen Child

Gemma Whelanfiona

A powerful, cinematic novel that travels between Ireland and America, as a writer wrestles with a bitter past
“…a richly textured novel, written with passion and style; an absolute delight ”
—James N. Frey

Fiona Clarke, an Irish writer living in New York, has been running away from her past since she left rural Cregora, Ireland, for boarding school. That past finds her, many years later, when her thinly veiled autobiographical novel is optioned for a movie. Working as the film’s consultant, Fiona unearths deep secrets, relives childhood trauma, and connects with an estranged family thrust back into her life. As her history opens upon her, Fiona must stop running and confront her secret shame.
Fiona appeals to readers intrigued with the nature of memory, the legacy of loss, and turbulent childhoods that inspire adult lives of redemption.
“… a natural born storyteller with a brilliant eye for character…” —Peter Sheridan

Gemma Whelan
is an Irish-born theatre director and educator. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, she directed more than sixty stage productions and was founding artistic director of GemArt and Wilde Irish Productions. Gemma is also an award-winning screenwriter and film director. She graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in English and French, and has graduate degrees from University of California, Berkeley in Theatre and San Francisco State University in Cinema. Gemma Whelan lives in Portland, Oregon.
Fiona: Stolen Child
Gemma Whelan
Paperback, 300 pages
978-1-934848-49-4 [p]
978-1-934848-69-2 [e]